Here and Now: A Creative Vision for Europe”

On October 10th, “Here and Now: A Creative Vision for Europe will bring Brian EnoSrećko Horvat, Danae Stratou, Bobby Gillespie, Rosemary Bechler and Yanis Varoufakis together at the Platform Theatre of Central Saint Martins to consider the role of culture in the fight for the future of Europe. With a range of performance, presentation, and discussion, the event will invite citizens to help shape a new politics of culture – in Europe and beyond.

The event will start with an aerial straps piece by Kit Hill, which sees her indicate that perhaps the dystopian future already exists in the present and that the two might in fact be a mirror image of one another. Mary Fitzgerald, Editor-in-Chief of Open Democracy, will be moderating the event. Igor Stokfiszewski, who is representing the DiEM Voice team will be presenting the cultural policy paper process. The event is organised by DiEM25 + DiEM Voice, and supported by Creative Unions, a CSM initiative supporting artistic collaboration across borders.