Open Call, It’s time to open the Black Boxes!

OPEN CALL: Participate with one word

Send us the One word that best expresses that which currently:

  • Frightens or threatens you the most 
  • You believe is in urgent need of protection

The words gathered through this call will be used by visual artist Danae Stratou in the creation of an artistic intervention-installation which will be presented at  Zoumboulakis Galleries from April 19th – May 19th, 2012. 

The words will be revealed when the “Black Boxes” are opened…

We are anticipating your word.

Email:, Tweeter: @vitalspaceorg, Facebook: vital space 


More about the project:

IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE BLACK BOXES! is an artistic intervention produced by Vital Space projects in collaboration with Zoumboulakis Galleries in Athens, Greece where it will be presented from April 19th to May 20th.

The participatory art work deals with the multiple crises that are emerging in our era, with the economic crisis being at the center. Danae Stratou, invites you to actively participate in the project by contributing one word. By joining our “voices”, the project aims at activating a dialogue constituting, in itself, a collective response to our multifaceted predicament.

In an era that generates crisis upon crisis, the need for change is ever present and ready to surface in every aspect of our lives and our societies. In this time of major confluence of economic and environmental crises but also the era of the Arab Spring, the era of the rising East, the era of Wikileaks. It is the era of our diminishing tolerance to the lies and subterfuge of politicians, bankrupt bankers and assorted vested interests. The project is a response to the pressing issues of our times.

When Julian Assange designed Wikileaks some time ago, his goal was not just to get some hidden information out there but, more specifically, to put all sorts of “powers” under the threat of transparency – to let those in power governing opaquely that transparency and the emergence of the truth awaits. Since then, the alliance of toxicity and opacity, the omnipotence of the Black Boxes, has been strengthened and, at the same time, has given birth to the crisis of our times. Via this project we propose  that It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes!

Even though the installation is intended to create an alarming sensation, fear and panic are not the installation’s aim. Awaking and energizing the viewer is, as is the notion that we can act and react. By opening the Black Boxes we symbolically bring to light the words that reflect what threatens us the most, or that which we are desperately eager to preserve.